OEM, White/Private Label Pouches from Poland

Short production times, excellent pricing

About Kylmakorpi

We produce nicotine pouches at our own factory at Poznan, Poland.

Our cornerstones are high quality, fast turnover times and market leading pricing. Our customers include established pouch brands, start ups and businesses such as vape and snus companies seeking to enter the nicotine pouch market.

Kylmakorpi Advantages

Low Pricing
Our self-owned, highly optimized production facilities allow us to produce white label nicotine pouches at the best possible prices offering our partners excellent margins.

Fast Turnover Time
Our short production pipeline (2-4 weeks) and location in the main manufacturing hub of Central Europe ensures quick and cost effective shipping to Europe, the UK and beyond.

Fresh Flavors
Full library of focus-group tested flavors to custom flavor development, you can have your pouches in exactly the flavors that your brand needs.

High Quality
From top-quality labeling to plastic-free pouches and fresh flavors, we ensure that our nicotine pouches represent your brand in the best possible manner.

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